Do your employees resent you?

Yes, your employees probably do resent you – and I suspect the lack of engagement keeps you awake at night.

You are a leader, a founder, an owner … and you want to be:

  • engaging your staff, and
  • not making them resentful!

If you are not worried about these things … then read no further – this is not for you.

If this does sound like you then don’t worry … you are not alone.

According to the Gallup Workforce Study, 2017 only:

  • 8% of employees are engaged at work

73% are classified as “not engaged”. They are psychologically unattached and putting little energy or passion into their work.

The remaining 19% are “actively disengaged”. Resentful that their workplace needs aren’t being met. Likely to be acting out their unhappiness on the job.

Imagine – a fifth of your workforce are “acting out their unhappiness on the job”!

This will have a huge negative impact on how your customers are treated and on your bottom-line.

What can I do?

Andrew Stembridge, executive director of Iconic Luxury Hotels, which employs 750 staff, was like you … until he was introduced to Engagement Multiplier. He now knows what employees really think of the bosses. Therefore, he was able to act. You can read more here.

Allow me to introduce Engagement Multiplier. Your one-stop resource to help you:

  • Measure employee engagement
  • Hear what they really think
  • Take action
  • Improve engagement and productivity
  • Make your company a better place to work

Want to know a bit more about why employee engagement matters – watch this:

A willingness to use this service requires a certain amount of courage on the part of the boss. You are likely to read things you don’t really want to read. Remember, negative feedback can prove useful and inspire important changes in your business.

The result

When every employee is happy, energized, and connected to a shared purpose—the benefits to your business multiply.

If you want to know more about measuring employee engagement and how to improve it … and to get a complete engagement assessment report of your company, click here.

Alternatively, you can use the contact page below to arrange a call to discuss further.

To Your Engagement Success


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